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Woman on Mobile Phone Much of the discussion around mobile SEO seems to be a numbers game. Dozens of articles focus on mobile usage statistics – from 25 percent of all searches being performed on mobile devices, to cross-device decision-making.SAN DIEGO, CA — (Marketwired) — 09/24/13 — Rio SEO, the leader in SEO automation and a SaaS-based provider of enterprise search, local SEO, mobile search and social media marketing tools, today announced that the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a lot like the Wild West. You have the barkeeps and the bandits.

The barkeeps work hard and earn an honest living for a long time (unless they are gunned down by a bandit). The bandits steal and earn for Search Engine SEO.

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reviews-240px Several SEO companies have agreed to stop publishing fake online reviews, and will also pay penalties ranging from $2,500 to almost $100,000 as part of settlement announced today with the New York attorney general’s office. The AG’s for Search Engine SEO. Suspending math rules for a second, the synergies between SEO and social media working together (if done properly) can make one plus one seem like four.

Regardless of whether you’re in-house or agency-side, there are huge profits to be gained from both. I made a mistake. It was a classic SEO blunder. Don’t judge me — it was one that you (and almost every other SEO) has probably made as well.

What did I do? I allowed a client to sign a contract without fully vetting them first. I didn’t ask the right for Search Engine SEO.

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Danger Hazardous Links Although there are varying ways to destabilize the organic visibility of a website on Google, this article will focus on the most common attack: when a competitor buys and points low-quality links to website to diminish the for Search Engine SEO.

If your small business has a website, you’ve probably typed in certain words in Google, in hopes that your site link will magically appear at the top of the list. Unfortunately, you may not see your business there. So you scroll and scroll until you find it. Talent is hard to find.

Good talent is nearly impossible, especially when it comes to SEO and digital marketing where there are far too many people who can talk the theory but come up dumbfounded when it comes to the execution. You for Search Engine SEO.

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